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The Forward Curved Blower, sometimes also called a side-flow fan, is a device that is designed to reduce pressure on the combustion air in an engine. This device is used to reduce back pressure on the carburetor and blower, allowing the fuel to flow more freely. Many believe this technology should be used in all engines. It works by blowing air over the top of a machine and down into an ash collector.


Blowers use two main components: an airflow sensor and a carburetor. The air intake component has an actuator that pushes air up into a fan assembly. On the other side, a blower fan has a rotor or shaft that spins—the speed at which a variable resistor controls the fan moves. The resistor is also adjustable to allow for varying airflow pressures.

When a carburetor is in low pressure, the intake cone will not rotate properly. It results in inefficient combustion and incomplete combustion, leading to wasted energy. A fan blade that is properly installed will help prevent this from happening, therefore increasing the engine’s efficiency.

The intake must have a sufficient size so that it can provide airflow to the engine. The intake tube must also be long enough to allow proper airflow and air cooling. Proper installation of these two items will improve carburetor efficiency and result in better performance. The air filter is also an essential accessory because it also removes contaminants from the intake air.


Blowers have several advantages over other cooling devices. They offer more airflow than standard fans. It allows the intake of more air and allows complete combustion. The amount of fuel saved is also a significant advantage because most gasoline burns at a high temperature. With a fan running at full speed, gasoline burns at about 1800 rpm, which is about seventy-five percent efficient.

Another advantage of air intake is that it offers better air cooling. The forward-curved design of the fan means that the air moves more quickly over a wider surface area. It allows for cooler air to be circulated over a greater surface area. The constant rotation of the fan also ensures that hot air is cooled off quickly. It reduces the temperature of the engine and increases gas mileage.

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